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Up-to-date, Raw Statistics Data of ALL import-export activities conducted by Russia with ALL countries within the period of 2003 through 2010 years. Fast Database Filter by Section (import or/and export), Countries, Contract value in U$D and Russian Rubles, Product HS Codes, Day, Month and Year.

Russia’s Import/Export Turnover and Trade Balance with All Countries, for the particular Product(s), in monetary terms, Net Weight and Gross Weight.

Detailed Harmonized System (HS Code) table with product group breakdown and description.

Import - Export Snapshots by Countries, Product group, Market Share, Trends, import-export structural changes in tables, elaborative graphs and diagrams.

Many more useful features like: Rating of countries and importers-exporters companies, Business turnover calculator, international trade terminologies and interpretation, data print & save, etc.



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