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Russia's Impex Analyzer software
Russia's Impex Analyzer is a software we have specially developed to provide you with snapshot import-export analyses of a specific product and market sector of your interest within a period of three years (for example, import and export of cosmetics to/from Russia between 2003 - 2010). The program will be most useful if you are an importer or exporter  interested in snapshot import-export market research analysis market potential of a particular product to/from Russia. 

With Russia's Impex Analyzer you can study the market potential of any particular product, major countries of imports and exports by using the relevant, brief, up-to-date data and automatic analyzer with just a click of the button. A valuable market research tool for making guided decision about your marketing strategy in relation to Russia. 

Main Features
  • Up-to-date, Raw Statistics Data of ALL import-export activities conducted by Russia with ALL countries within the period of 2003 - 2011 years.
  • Fast Database Filter by Section (import or/and export), Countries, Contract value in U$D and Russian Rubles, Product HS Codes, Day, Month and Year.
  • Russia’s Import/Export Turnover and Trade Balance with All Countries, for the particular Product(s), in monetary terms, Net Weight and Gross Weight.
  • Detailed, 9-digit Harmonized System (HS Code) table with product group breakdown and description. 
  • Import - Export Snapshots by Countries, Product group, Market Share, Trends, import-export structural changes in tables, elaborative graphs and diagrams. 
  • Many more useful features like: Rating of countries and importers-exporters companies, Business turnover calculator, international trade terminologies and interpretation, data print & save, etc.
Order full version of Russia's Impex Analyzer with All Russia's Import-Export Data for 2003 - 2011 years

Download free demo version of Russia's Impex Analyzer

How to Order full version of Russia's Impex Analyzer software 
  • In the order form below, choose the your product group (HS Codes and corresponding products are given)
  • Fill in your contact details
  • If you have additional comments or special information for our attention, enter it in the  box (additional information)
  • Choose payment method
  • Submit your order form
a) Before placing your order, we recommend that you Download and try the  free demo version of Russia's Impex Analyzer with limited sample data
b) Full version of Russia's Impex Analyzer software includes import-export data for your chosen product(s)/year(s)
c) This is not a free service. Cost of 1 license with full import-export data ranges from 650U$D per product group/year
d) You will receive full version Russia's Impex Analyzer with import-export data for your chosen product(s)/year(s) only after payment. Delivery - within 48hours
e) Complete the order form below only if you are ready, willing and able to pay for the service.


Order Form
Russia's Impex Analyzer software with full Russia import-export data for 2003 - 2011 years.
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