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Russia, Ukraine, United Kingdom Importers Exporters List of HSCODE 16: Preparations of meat, of fish or of crustaceans, molluscs or other aquatic invertebrates

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HS Code 16 - Preparations of meat, of fish or of crustaceans, molluscs or other aquatic invertebrates

1601 Sausages and similar products, of meat, meat offal or blood
160100 Sausages & sim. prods., of meat/meat offal/blood; food preps. based on thes ...
1602 Other prepared or preserved meat, meat offal or blood.
160210 Homogenised preps. of prepd./presvd. meat/meat offal
160220 Prepared/presvd. preps. of liver of any animal
160231 Prepared/presvd. preps. of turkey (excl. homogenised preps.)
160232 Prepared/presvd. preps. of fowls of the genus Gallus domesticus (excl. homo ...
160239 Prepared/presvd. preps. of fowls of 01.05 (excl. turkey & fowls of the genu ...
160241 Hams & cuts thereof
160242 Shoulders of swine & cuts thereof
160249 Prepared/presvd. preps. of swine (excl. of 1602.41, 1602.42 & homogenised p ...
160250 Prepared/presvd. preps. of bovine animals (excl. homogenised preps.), incl. ...
160290 Preparations of prepd./presvd. meat (excl. of 1602.10-1602.50), incl. preps ...
1603 Extracts and juices of meat, fish or crustaceans
160300 Extracts & juices of meat/fish/crustaceans/molluscs/oth. aquatic invertebra ...
1604 Prepared or preserved fish; caviar
160411 Salmon, prepd./presvd., whole/in pieces (excl. minced)
160412 Herrings, prepd./presvd., whole/in pieces (excl. minced)
160413 Sardines, sardinella & brisling/sprats, prepd./presvd., whole/in pieces (ex ...
160414 Tunas, skipjack & bonito (Sarda spp.), prepd./presvd., whole/in pieces (exc ...
160415 Mackerel, prepd./presvd., whole/in pieces (excl. minced)
160416 Anchovies, prepd./presvd., whole/in pieces (excl. minced)
160419 Fish (excl. of 1604.11-1604.16), prepd./presvd., whole/in pieces (excl. min ...
160420 Prepared/presvd. fish other than whole/in pieces
160430 Caviar & caviar substitutes prepd. from fish eggs
1605 Crustaceans, molluscs and other aquatic invertebrates
160510 Crab, prepd./presvd.
160520 Shrimps & prawns, prepd./presvd.
160530 Lobster, prepd./presvd.
160540 Crustaceans other than crab, shrimps, prawns & lobster, prepd./presvd.
160590 Molluscs & oth. aquatic invertegrates, prepd./presvd.
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