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PRODUCTS / Software
Apart from specialized software such as Russia's Impex Analyzer, we have the honor and pleasure to also present other software developed by one of our top managers (Dr. Joseph Ogunbiyi) to help business people like you improve productivity.  The software, initially developed to cater for our local business needs, proved to be strikingly useful and  easy to use that we decided to introduce them to the international market.  Since introduction, the software have won many international excellency awards, featured in many PC specialty sites and rated 5-star by professional reviewers and critics.

Whether you are an individual or company, you will find Dr. Ogunbiyi's software most helpful in increasing your productivity and/or managing all kinds of information. 

Business Kit
Business Kit. Click to read full description and features
Business Kit. Click to read full description and features
screen shots
Multi-functional (6 in 1) information manager. A must utility for business and personal purposes. Features include:
  • Time management tools for tracking your daily, weekly, monthly tasks and schedules with reminder
  • Contacts database manager:  your clients (real or potential), competitors, suppliers, friends, relatives with full info and photographs
  • Batch e-mailer for sending a single email message to all your contacts with 1 click of the button, with or without attachments (e.g. products price updates, marketing campaign with product picutures etc)
  • Notepad, electronic calculator, alarm clock, internet search engines organizer and many more...
free download Business Kit  (6.1mb)
Label Mix
Labels & Barcodes Design Software
screen shots
Labels and barcodes design and printing software : postal mailing address labels, CD labels, envelopes, postcards, business cards, badges, signs, barcodes, packing labels, clothing labels - virtually all kinds of labels or cards. In addition,
  • Label Mix is equipped with advanced database manager to create and manage your own database, where you can store and extract data to be used in your labels.
  • Label Mix can read and import data from external sources and/or contacts data from your mail programs - Outlook, Outlook Express directly to your customizable database and use for your labels. Label Mix does it all.
  • Label Mix comes with Advanced Mail Merge Features for Mailing Address Labels, which enable you to set up mailing labels that use the same format with information from a variety of records. Using data from a table or external database, you can print one label with different information for each record in the database or table. For example, you want to create postal mailing address stickers for thousands of envelopes with receivers' names and addresses from your contact/customer database
  • Label Mix supports most common types of barcode systems: EAN 8, EAN 13, UPCA, UPCE 0, CODE 39, EAN 128A, EAN 128B, EAN 128C, CODE 39 EX, CODE 93, CODE 93 EX, CODABAR, INTER_25, INDUS_25, MATRIX_25, CODE 11, MSI, POSTNET, CODE 128A, CODE128B, CODE 128C. 2D PDF417
  • Label Mix Printing facilities have been designed to handle ISO Paper sizes and specifications. If you are used to Avery standards (US Letter sizes), then Label Mix automatically converts to Avery label sizes.
A-Z Planner 
A-Z Planner. Click to read full description and features
A-Z Planner. Click to read full description and features

more screenshots

Low-cost tasks and time management software. No sticky notes, no loose pads and sheets.
  • Use A-Z Planner to plan your daily, weekly, monthly tasks and schedules
  • A-Z Planner comes with customizable Scheduler, Calender, Task priority ranking table, vivid and elaborative date-time-task graph, audio and pop-up alert reminders
  • Notes and events organizer also included. 
  • Customizable events reminder and user's interface and many more...
free download A-Z Planner (3.1mb)
A-Z Contacts Manager
A-Z Contacts Manager. Click to read full description and features
A-Z Contacts Manager. Click to read full description and features

more screenshots

Your optimal choice for managing  business/personal contacts: 
  • Detailed contacts address book, business/personal contacts database by categories keeps under control your relationships with clients, companies, friends etc.
  • Contacts' annual events reminder with audio reminder and/or alert pop-up options
  • Database protection and regurlar back-up
  • Batch e-mailer for sending email messages to all or selected group(s) of your contacts with one click of the button, with or without attachments etc. Read more...  
free download A-Z Contacts Manager (4.8mb)


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